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LASTING Software Joins the Digital Intermediate Frequency Interoperability (DIFI) Consortium

LASTING Software, a leader in the integration of terrestrial and satellite telecommunications, is thrilled to announce its recent membership in the Digital Intermediate Frequency Interoperability (DIFI) Consortium. This strategic move is aimed at accelerating the digital transformation in the space, satellite and related sectors by advocating for and adopting a standardized digital IF/RF interface.

The DIFI Consortium is committed to replacing traditional analog IF signals with a simple, open and interoperable Digital IF standard. This shift is critical as the satellite industry undergoes its most significant digital transformation, aiming to enhance scalability, resilience and innovation while breaking through the existing bottlenecks in ground segment systems.

"Joining the DIFI Consortium aligns perfectly with our vision to redefine industry standards and facilitate a seamless digital future," said Dan Zirmer, Managing Partner of LASTING Software. "Through this membership, LASTING Software will contribute to developing a universal standard that ensures interoperability across different vendor systems, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership and increasing operational agility."

By joining the DIFI Consortium, LASTING Software will also incorporate DIFI functionality into its multi-orbit satellite channel emulator, CELEOS. This addition will allow CELEOS to function as both a DIFI-to-RF and RF-to-DIFI converter, further enhancing the product's versatility and value to customers.

About LASTING Software

At LASTING Software, we are revolutionizing the telecommunications landscape, seamlessly integrating terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks. Our proprietary and custom multi-orbit satellite channel emulator, CELEOS, transforms the way satellite communications are tested and validated. By strategically harnessing Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, CELEOS offers solid capabilities at an accessible price point, addressing the crucial balance between performance, portability, and cost.

With full 5G NTN configurability, 3GPP compliance, and O-RAN interfaces, our direct-to-device test bed solution Flex Space seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructures. FLEX SPACE 5G stands as a pioneering all-in-one solution designed to revolutionize the way 5G networks are emulated, tested, and validated.

By joining the DIFI Consortium, LASTING Software aims to stay up to date with the standard changes and implement a "DIFI certified" solution for CELEOS, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and interoperability.


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