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Rethinking Satellite
Communication for a Connected World

Building an ecosystem and tools for the integration of terrestrial & satellite telecommunications

At LASTING Software, we are revolutionizing the telecommunications landscape, seamlessly integrating terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks.


Our innovative approach is not just about bridging gaps; it's about redefining industry standards through advanced products, services and consultancy that cater to the evolving needs of 5G and satellite communications.


What we do best


Our proprietary and custom multi-orbit satellite channel emulator developed for the next generation of telecomunications.

Flex Space

With full 5G NTN configurability, 3GPP compliance, and O-RAN interfaces, Flex Space seamlessly integrates into the infrastructure.

Feature Development

Offering satellite telecoms engineering consultancy: project management, Scrum, architecture, automation, development, and QA.

Governmental Projects

Part of the consortium developing the European Protected Waveform, we specialize in software architecture, 5G NTN, SDR, and waveform optimization.

Our top collaborators


Our strategic alliances



Latest news


Facts about LASTING Software

3 locations in Timișoara, Sibiu & Bucharest
200+ projects delivered to date
Active since
Empowering Integration with Cutting-Edge Ecosystems

We are pioneering the development of ecosystems, products and solutions that facilitate the integration of 5G and non-terrestrial networks (NTN).

Our commitment to innovation allows Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and other customers to access real testing environments, pushing the boundaries of 5G direct access and ensuring unparalleled quality of experience (QoE).

A Hub of Strategic Collaborations

LASTING Software thrives on strategic partnerships with significant entities like the European Space Agency (ESA), Fraunhofer Institute, ST Engineering iDirect and Nokia.

Our collaborative efforts aim to accelerate our solution roadmap, tackling current industry issues and enhancing our offerings.

Our Legacy and Future Path

With €2.5+ million invested in SATCOM industry projects over the last four years and strategic involvements in significant consortia and projects like the EDF funded EPW project and IRIS2, LASTING Software is not just a participant in the industry's evolution—we are leading it.

Our vision for products like Celeos and FLEX Space showcases our dedication to innovation and excellence.

Custom Solutions Tailored to Industry Needs

Our expertise in building, testing and certifying custom 5G and satellite network architectures is unmatched.

We address critical industry challenges such as the high cost of integration and the absence of low-cost, flexible testbeds for 5G direct access through our bespoke solutions.

A Pillar in Academia and Innovation

Our presence in academia, particularly through our collaboration with the Politehnica University of Timisoara, underscores our commitment to nurturing future specialists.

We are instrumental in developing a satcom competence center in Timisoara, focusing on the long-term evolution of telecommunications from academic, economic and commercial lenses.

An Invitation to Collaborate

We are on a quest to redefine the possibilities of satellite and terrestrial telecom integration, and we invite partners to join us in this journey to accelerate growth and explore emerging markets together.

LASTING Software is not just creating solutions; we are setting new benchmarks for what is possible in satellite and terrestrial telecommunications.

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